Playworkers Skolasajf 2019 Malta - (Fifth Call)

Ref. No:- 339

Playworkers Skolasajf - MALTA (Fifth Call)

Jobsplus Permit 23/2019

The Foundation for Educational Services (FES) is receiving  applications for the post of part-time Playworkers to work  during the Skolasajf 2019 programme starting from the 8th July up till the 6th of September 2019. Availability for the first week is required  for possible training and preparation. The first day of Skolasajf for staff will be Thursday 11th July 2019. Further details will be announced later on.  Rate of pay is €6.50.


Job Purpose

  • To provide support / assistance in the day to day operation of the Skola Sajf
  • To undertake face to face work with the children in delivering programmes of activities.


Duties and Responsibilities


  • Ensuring that the programme of activities delivered is interesting, valuable and appropriate to the children using the facilities. The playworker needs to provide a variety of play and learning opportunities, while identifying and accommodating changing needs.
  • Ensuring the safety and well-being of programme users through checking equipment, undertaking first line child protection measures and organising activities appropriate to the users at any given time.
  • Providing a positive model of behaviour, by being well acquainted with FES policies & procedures and ensuring that such policies are being followed.


  • Ensuring that parents, carers and other visitors are made to feel welcome on visiting the Centre . Any information requested by parents, carers or guardians are to be directed to the centre coordinator. At no point are play workers to discuss matters with parents, carers and guardians.


  • Maximising the learning value of the activities through planning, evaluation and self-reflection. Keeping in mind that some children may require special attention and/or will have come from various cultural and religious backgrounds.
  • Lead groups of children in various activities, such as physical games, arts and crafts, creative play, games and other learning activities.  Manage behaviours and adapt the activity to meet the needs of groups or individuals.  Following planning, resources are to be prepared prior to the activity.
  • May be requested to support children on a reduced ratio, ensuring that they are included in activities being conducted and/or planning activities that support the child’s learning.
  • Contributing to the accountability of the centre through assisting in the maintenance of agreed records including registers, serious injury reports, incident reports, guardian consent forms and collecting of money including issuing of receipts
  • The Playworker is to report immediately any areas of concern, such as bullying, suspected abuse on children or any other grave matter, to the Centre Coordinator and or PER.

Transport-related Duties

Without prejudice to the obligations of the owner and driver of the vehicle concerned regarding the safety of passengers and the full observance of the law and regulations related to transport matters, a Playworker may be required to carry out transport-related duties, with a child individual educational needs, should the requirement be indicated by the Foundation for Educational Services.


In such cases, the Playworker shall:

  • assist in the boarding and un-boarding of pupils on and off the transport vehicle and, in the case of pupils who are wheelchair/buggy users, put on the restraints on the wheelchair/buggy and also put on the passenger restraint on the pupils  to ensure safety during transportation;
  • carry out transport supervision duties to and from school when the transport of pupils during normal school hours is necessary; supervision duties carried out outside centre hours shall be remunerated at € 6.50.


d) Other Duties

The Officer shall perform other duties assigned by the Chief Executive Officer, FES according to the exigencies of the Foundation for Educational Services.


Eligibility Criteria

The post holder is  required to have:-

i.   Qualification pegged at MQF Level4, or;

ii.   Two Qualifications pegged at MQF Level 3 (in either Maltese, English, Mathematics, Sciences,  lnformation Technology, and Environmental Studies), or;

iii.    2 years experience working with a group of children in a registered institution (proof is to be uploaded), or;

iv.   Attending a higher institution (proof of attendance is to be uploaded);

v.     proof that candidate was accepted for the course of playworkers organised by FES.


  1.       Applicants must be able to communicate in Maltese and/or English; recognised certificates or
  2.       Qualifications in language proficiency, in Maltese andior English will be considered an asset.
  3.       Applicants need to be 18 years of age  by the beginning of Skolasajf;
  4.       A police conduct (not more than six months old)
  5.       i) lf candidate is a previous FES employee in the role applied for, candidate is to present an FES payslip of previous employment or a copy  of the contract.           ii) lf not a previous FES employee, candidate has to either present the latest MEDE payslip if candidate is a MEDE employee, or a character reference letter              which can be written by a professional who knows the candidate well.


IBAN and Bank name shall be requested. 

For further information on the FES Data Protection policy kindly access the following link:-

Application Process

Applications are to be submitted online including  a copy of original documentation required. Those who have  already occupied this role with FES during the past  year (2018)  and who provided proof in this regard, will by pass the interview. This depends also on previous performance with FES.

Throughout the application process you will be asked to specify your preferred localitites. This information is required to help us faciliate the placing process. However, kindly note that placements finally depend on rankings achieved during interviews and on the needs of the centre. 

Deadline for applications is 31st May 2019 at noon.

For additional information or assistance with your application kindly send email on:

Applications open between 13 May 2019 and 31 May 2019

Before proceeding with your application kindly confirm you have scanned copies of the following documents

  •  C.V.
  •  Police Conduct Certificate
  •  To upload O level in Maltese or English or qualifications in language proficiency, in Maltese and/or English.
  •  MQF level 4 / 2 qualifications MQF level 3 OR Attending a higher institution OR acceptance to playworker's course
  •  FES Payslip/contract for same role, MEDE payslip or reference letter
Note: All uploads must be of the following file types .pdf,.jpg,.png,.gif,.bmp,.tiff and collectively must be less than 10 MB.